Pharmacist: David Stefl

Since 1981

David Stefl
Years in School:
Manly Drug, Grundy Center
Years in Profession:

1. Why did you choose to become a pharmacist?

I felt it would give me a chance to use my professional education to help people.

2. What is your typical work day like?

It is a busy, full day doing a wide range of activities, from running and managing a pharmacy to consulting with patients. I also work with doctors, hospital staff and nursing home staff for better patient outcomes.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job? The most challenging?

The most rewarding part is when I realize my contribution helped a patient. The most challenging is connecting with the patient so they let you help them.

4. What is the biggest myth or misconception about your career or field?

We are not count, lick, stick and pour stuffed coats.

5. What steps did you take in high school and college to help prepare you for your career?

I got a good, solid science core background.

6. What did you find difficult during your career preparation? How did you overcome these obstacles?

The toughness of the pharmacy program. I overcame it with self-motivation and focus.

7. What do you see as the strengths and skills needed to succeed in your career?

Have a great knowledge base and the ability to work with people.

8. What advice would you offer to students interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacist?

Work hard and become the best.

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